The Boy Next Door Artwork by Rubina Nalbandian


When a middle-aged, sexually frustrated, Sean, agrees to help his husband, Daniel, steal the neighbor’s prized mid-century art piece in exchange for sex, he finds himself in a compromising position when they unexpectedly discover the neighbor’s attractive son has come home from college.

The Boy Next Door is a short film and is completed. We are actively submitting to film festivals worldwide.

Director: John McCrite & Giles Andrews
Executive Producers: John McCrite, Giles Andrews & Joe Camareno
Producers: Erin Marie Davis
Screenplay: John McCrite & Giles Andrews
Cinematographer: Jon Lile
Editor: Stephen James Murray
Composer: Bryan D. Arata
Cast: Joe Camareno, Andrew Thacher, David Baracskai, Carolyn Wilson & Ray Samoa