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Samantha Corey is a bright, successful artist and photographer living in L.A. with her loving boyfriend, Nick, and a close-knit group of friends. When she organizes a group trip to the idyllic Darkfall Lake cabin that Nick owns, Samantha has no idea that the recently paroled Ray, an ex-flame, is about to descend on the group.

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Currently in development for shooting in 2017 Darkfall Lake is a traditional thriller with elements of horror. The film centers on Samantha, at first glance a bright, successful young woman with everything going for her. However as the film develops it plunges Samantha and the viewer into a situation that pits her internal light and dark sides against each other, the fighting factions exemplified in the characters, Nick and Ray.

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Penned by the writing team behind Tin Holiday, Darkfall Lake will mark CEG’s fourth feature film and will be shot mostly on location. Once again bringing in our Tin Holiday and Edith & Harvey Cinematographer Giles Andrews to lens the film and is looking to be a moody, contrasting thriller visually bringing to life the internal, and external dichotomies of the struggle between light and dark.