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Paco Fuentes is a man with a full life. As a loving husband, father of four, and a handyman with a thriving business, Paco’s motto is always, “You broke it. I fix it!” But when his health begins to decline due to kidney failure, Paco must confront the disease that will change his life, and finally accept that he is now the one who needs to be fixed. Following the Fuentes family’s very real trials and tribulations in dealing with Paco’s illness, each episode of Fixing Paco educates dialysis patients and their families about the treatment option of kidney transplantation, living donation, and being proactive in healthcare. Shot in English and Spanish, Fixing Paco is a groundbreaking series that cuts through language barriers, delivering a message of hope, as Paco triumphs in battling his disease, and learns to live again.
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Director: Joe Camareno
Executive Producer: Nicole Mendez
Co-Executive Producer: Mel Baron
Producers: Joe Camareno, Marc Griffith, Stephanie Wiand, and Greg Molina
Screenplay: Sorel Kairé and Gabriela López de Dennis

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