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When evil Dr. Agatha Von Krahpenpantz attempts to create a zombie army to take over the world, it is up to down-on-his-luck Dr. Warren Oedi, of secret agency Department Gamma, to intervene. Being mankind's last hope by default, Dr. Oedi continues his father's lifework and perfects the Bimbot-making process, giving him the ultimate weapon in his battle against the undead.

Director: Joe Camareno
Executive Producers: Joe Camareno and Stephanie Wiand
Co-Executive Producer: Mike Steven Adams
Co-Producers: Trish Geiger and Stephen J. Murray
Screenplay: Stephanie Wiand, Jeff Folschinsky, Tyler Tanner, and Joe Camareno
Cinematographer: A.J. Rickert-Epstein

Editor: Steohen J. Murray
Cast: Daniel Billet, Stephanie Wiand, Ruth Livier, Luchy Garcia, Carolyn Wilson, Trish Geiger, Gabriel Romero, Darcy Shean, Adam Donshik, and Herbert Siguenza

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