Downtrodden office worker Samuel (Juan Monsalvez) loses his job and, in a freak accident, his overbearing wife Tanita (Stephanie Wiand) on the same day. To help him recover, Jesse, his precocious best friend, accompanies him on a trip to London where before long the hapless duo finds themselves in serious trouble with the Punjabi Mafia, Interpol, and in inappropriate couplings.
This award-winning film was shot on location in both Los Angeles and in the beautifully historic London, England, Tin Holiday happily navigates between a rom-com and action adventure film.
Best Story - International Filmmaker Fes
Winner Best Feature - Georgia Latino Int
Tin has been picked up for distribution by California Pictures & is available for all territories!
Jury Award Nomination - Filmmaker Film F
Best Lead Actor Nomination - Internation
Best Comedy Feature Nomination - Milan I
Jury Award Nomination - OUTShine LGBTQ F
Best Feature Nomination - OUTShine LGBTQ

Director: Joe Camareno
Executive Producers: Stephanie Wiand and Ajay Nayyar
Producers: Joe Camareno, Craig Connolly, Kurt Patino, Juan Monsalvez, and Mark Patino
Screenplay: Joe Camareno and Kurt Patino
Cinematographer: Giles Andrews
Editor: Steven J. Murray
Composer: Andy Georges
Cast: Juan Monsalvez, Rosanna Hoult, Ajay Nayyar, Tristam Summers, Joe Camareno, Craig Stevenson, Siddiqua Akhtar, Paul Chaal, and Stephanie Wiand